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From Cold to Bronchitis… And I’m Sick Once Again

That Luana Me, The Freelance Life · October 24, 2014, Friday · 22 comments

Sickness as of 14-10-2014It started as a cold, I swear.

That was a tad more than a week ago, can’t remember exactly, but it looked like nothing serious. I kept on working, doing my stuff, going out and so on.

Bad joke, right? Over a week later, I’m home, working through the sickness while dreaming to spend a whole day in bed, resting as my body demands. And work is crap, because when you’re sick you’re not exactly in the mental shape to do things as they should be done. I feel kind of disconnected, my brain goes ways I don’t want it to go— and I don’t need a high fever to have that. A bit less than 100°F suffices.

I can barely sleep at night, always sneezing and coughing. I only slept 4 hours last night, and believe me, it can mess up my brain even worse. Not sure this blog post will make sense after I publish it, but well… I can say I tried, at least. (And my daughter Mandi Pope is an angel! She proofread the post for me. I love you, sweetie!)

So, I have a mild bronchitis now. My chest hurts and some other stuff I don’t want to write in detail (bleh!). I’m taking the whole weekend off to rest and recover, and I hope my freelance clients will understand that I need rest (oh, they do! But of course they need my blog posts, so I’m doing my best to heal quickly).

This is my to-do list for Monday 27:

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That’s it, I guess. I don’t want to fill that up too much, because the stuff I listed doesn’t take ten minutes to get done, but I look forward to push it a little more next week, so I can get my backlog cleared.

And I hope to see my Simone again, too, because I miss him badly. I haven’t seen him in almost two weeks now. Not cool. 🙁

Oh well. Lunch is almost ready, and then off to bed I go.

You take care, too, and careful that you don’t catch a bronchitis. I don’t want to know you’re going through the same crap as I do.

Love you all.

Luana Spinetti

22 responses to “From Cold to Bronchitis… And I’m Sick Once Again”

  1. Baby Mandi says:

    Love you, Sweet Mommy Lu! Get better as fast as you can, we need you in this crazy world. I know I do!

    Baby Mandi


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    • Luana says:

      Love you, my sweet, beautiful daughter! You bring sunshine to my days. :’) Thanks for your love! I hope to get well soon. Being sick is not fun, heh.

      Mommy Lu


  2. dannybuntu says:

    I hope you get well soon.

    Maybe it’s universal for us, freelance writers. We plop down our seats or beds and write for the whole day.

    I also have the same bouts of dizziness and confusion. I’m thinking it must be the lack of physical exercise on my part.

    If you have the time, maybe Mark could help us start with a basic regimen.

    Get well soon and warmest regards.



    • Luana says:

      Thanks, Danny!

      I guess a sedentary life adds to it, but I’ve been sickly since I was a little kid. I have a weak immune system (plus other issues with hormons and a non-working thyroid).

      I had to start going to the gym two weeks ago, but I’ve been constantly sick, so… I paid two weeks of gym for nothing. I hope I can attend at least a couple of lessons next week, to not let everything go to waste (and to wake up my body a little).

      It sucks..

      Thanks for stopping by, Danny. I appreciate it! 🙂



  3. Susanne says:

    That sounds awful, I’ve had bronchitis twice in my life and that was truly awful. I cough terribly until I nearly lose my breath just with a normal cold – imagine how it is with a bronchitis. I hope you get well soon and get some rest too.


    • Luana says:

      It’s like that for me, too. T_T I barely slept these past nights because of all the coughing and sneezing and difficulty to breath. I slept better this past night and I feel refreshed. 🙂 I had to take another medicine for it, but well… it can only improve from now on.

      Thanks for your comment, Susanne! <3



  4. Sammy says:

    I hope you feel better soon, love! Being sick is so not fun, get lots of rest! <3


  5. Faye says:

    Oh no! I hate, hate, hate being sick. Have you tried cutting some fresh lemon juice into raw honey and eating it by the spoonful like liquid medicine? Doesn’t taste great but it works wonders.

    Feel better, darling!


    • Luana says:

      Oh, I haven’t. >.< I don't really like the taste of honey (too sweet for me), but I had to take some this past week. And I put lemon juice in my water to drink and clean my stomach that felt like crap. I'm doing better today. <3 Thank you, darling! Luana

  6. Michelle says:

    Hope you feel better. I know how Bronchitis is. Had it twice.


  7. Jenny says:

    🙁 Aww, Luana! I’ve been feeling awful lately too. I find sleeping in the day and working at night works best! It’s hard to sleep at night.



    • Luana says:

      Yes, sleeping at night is the worst when you’re sick. 🙁 I managed to sleep a bit when I added a third pillow. It helped me breath.

      How are you feeling? Hope better!



  8. Amy says:

    Get well soon Luana!

    Bronchitis sounds horrible! Hope you can get everything done and rest up!

    Amy x


    • Luana says:

      Thank you for commenting, Amy! <3

      Yes, I managed to get some things done and postpone others. I'm still generally behind on stuff, but trying to do a bit every day, so things are getting done anyway. And I feel better. 🙂 Cortisone therapy worked.



  9. Raisa says:

    Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! Definitely rest up and take it easy this weekend. 😀


  10. Penda says:

    Get well soon, sweetie! I hate being sick but make sure you TRY to get your sleep to at least 6 hrs. If you’re not well rested, your condition could go worse and we wouldn’t want that!


    • Luana says:

      I can sleep now, but a few days ago it was really terrible. 🙁 I managed to nap a bit during the day, but I was generally tired and oppressed by the sickness. I’ve been under cortisone therapy for the past 5 days and I feel so much better! Had to skip the Mass today because I still can’t go out, but hopefully I can by next weekend. ^_^ Can’t wait!



  11. M says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well! Hope you get better soon and that the to-do list was successful last Monday! 🙂


    • Luana says:

      It was! 😀 I finished some stuff later than that, and I still have some stuff to do for Brandon, but it will come in due time.

      And I feel better. ^_~

      Thanks for commenting!

      ~ Luana


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