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February-May 2017 Wrap Up – Freelance Work

That Luana Me, The Freelance Life · May 31, 2017, Wednesday · 0 comment

Welcome to my Feb-May 2017 monthly wrap-up! 😉

Life has been rough on me since February, but there are some good news:

We got the Autism spectrum out of the equation, but I might still be a HSP. We’ll see what happens with the next check-ups.

Freelance Work

I got a few articles written and published from February to May, and I’m very proud of each and every piece! 😀

One of my biggest articles for WHSR also earned its own GrowthHackers thread (yay!) and plenty of social shares:

I can’t even begin to tell you how immensely proud I am of this article, and how I’m proud of myself for getting it done with only a few days of deadline extension while in the middle of terrible hormonal discharges, sensory overload and anxiety attacks. :’)

Other articles include:

I recently got another WHSR article approved and it should go live in June – “9 Costly Blog Promotion Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague”. Again, I drew cartoon-y illustrations for each of the nine mistakes. 😀 Hahah! It was fun.

Other articles I’ve done for CoSpot but not published yet include: a guide to managing a blog (for content managers and marketers), a review of the SumoMe plugin and a piece on some content marketing “secrets” I found.

Also, I wrote a guest post on situations when SEO is/isn’t necessary for Relevance. I don’t know yet when they will publish it.

Art Commissions

I resumed working on two commissions I received the last year and couldn’t do for a long time due to my health issues (I can’t really draw when I feel that miserable).

Looking forward to get these done by June 10, because I’m reopening commissions from June 1 to July 31 (8 slots total).

Personal Projects

I rebranded my 15-year old work of science fiction as Rolamaton The Robocity (it was Robocity World previously) and I bought a new domain for it –

Still a big work-in-progress, since I haven’t had a lot of time to properly devote to it due to the “getting sick and hurry catch-up on work” swing. I set a soft deadline for myself to get it done in June, though.

To make up for it, I posted plenty of Rolamaton materials on my DeviantART account, where I have most of my Robocity/Rolamaton fanbase. In chronological order, from March to May:

  1. UPDATE! Robocity Fans, The Newsletter is BACK! 🙂
  2. A Change In the Upcoming Robocity Contest…
  3. Do I have to rename Robocity a bit? Sounds like…
  4. Robocity World changes name: it’s Rolamaton now (includes a video of me explaining)
  5. Rolamaton Q/A Video #1 (Subtitles + Transcript)
  6. Rolamaton The Robocity – Spring Event 2017 (open until June 30, if you’d like to join)
  7. Personal Update, New Watchers, Poll Results 😀
  8. Unions and Families in Rolamaton

I also registered a Ko-Fi account for fans and friends to buy me a ‘coffee’ ($3) and help me cut down on freelance work a little to make time for Rolamaton, The Robocity and my other fiction works:

NOTE: For every $10 of donation to support my fiction, I will donate $2 to the REAL Rolamaton – my town’s public library (Biblioteca “Carlo Levi”, Genzano di Roma) – because Rolamaton is exactly my town’s library, my refuge, and it runs on public funds and donations. Thanks in advance for helping both the fictional and “the real robocity” thrive!

Still on DeviantART, I posted a journal entry on why I didn’t become a comic book artist, because I felt I owed an explanation to all my friends who have supported me and my dream for years.

I might update this post later with more wrap-up news.


Luana Spinetti

January 2017 – Updates (Happy New Year!)

The Freelance Life, Writing · January 22, 2017, Sunday · 0 comment

Happy New Year, dear friends! I know it’s late in the month, but it’s still January, so the greeting still applies. 🙂

Thank you for sticking with me while I didn’t have the energies to update this blog. I will soon catch up with a summary of the art and writing projects and commissions I devoted time to since July 2016, and up to January, but for today I’ll just tell you what I’ve accomplished these first 22 days of January 2017.

Read the rest of this entry…


Luana Spinetti

From Cold to Bronchitis… And I’m Sick Once Again

That Luana Me, The Freelance Life · October 24, 2014, Friday · 22 comments

Sickness as of 14-10-2014It started as a cold, I swear.

That was a tad more than a week ago, can’t remember exactly, but it looked like nothing serious. I kept on working, doing my stuff, going out and so on.

Bad joke, right? Over a week later, I’m home, working through the sickness while dreaming to spend a whole day in bed, resting as my body demands. And work is crap, because when you’re sick you’re not exactly in the mental shape to do things as they should be done. I feel kind of disconnected, my brain goes ways I don’t want it to go— and I don’t need a high fever to have that. A bit less than 100°F suffices.

I can barely sleep at night, always sneezing and coughing. I only slept 4 hours last night, and believe me, it can mess up my brain even worse. Not sure this blog post will make sense after I publish it, but well… I can say I tried, at least. (And my daughter Mandi Pope is an angel! She proofread the post for me. I love you, sweetie!)

So, I have a mild bronchitis now. My chest hurts and some other stuff I don’t want to write in detail (bleh!). I’m taking the whole weekend off to rest and recover, and I hope my freelance clients will understand that I need rest (oh, they do! But of course they need my blog posts, so I’m doing my best to heal quickly).

This is my to-do list for Monday 27:

That’s it, I guess. I don’t want to fill that up too much, because the stuff I listed doesn’t take ten minutes to get done, but I look forward to push it a little more next week, so I can get my backlog cleared.

And I hope to see my Simone again, too, because I miss him badly. I haven’t seen him in almost two weeks now. Not cool. 🙁

Oh well. Lunch is almost ready, and then off to bed I go.

You take care, too, and careful that you don’t catch a bronchitis. I don’t want to know you’re going through the same crap as I do.

Love you all.


Luana Spinetti

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