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Why I Went From 270+ Domains To Only 28

Books, Domain, Kids, That Luana Me · October 16, 2015, Friday · 2 comments

NOTE: This entry is dated 16/10/2015 because it’s the time it had to go online. Unfortunately I had some problems that didn’t allow me to spend enough time on this blog, so the entry remained here as a draft. It finally goes online today, 10/02/2016. Coming back to blogging soon! ^^

Savings, savings!Last year in September I posted about how and why I cut down my domain number to 270 (from 340+) and in January this year I posted a domain sale announcement because I was getting rid of several domains from my inventory.

Now I cut further down — I only own and manage 28 domains overall now. And the ones I cut off are all for sale here:

You may wonder why, as I’ve been telling how attached I am to my domains for years.

Well, it was a tough decision to make, one that costed plenty of tears, but I had to.

It’s simple: my child comes first.

One of my spiritual children has been in need for months and I felt awful knowing I could do nothing to ease his financial discomfort.

Believe me, it can be heartbreaking for a mother to feel so powerless (and useless) in front of her son’s suffering.

So I decided to cut down on my domains to have a bigger monthly budget to send to him.

Also, since I don’t swim in gold and I have lost two clients over the last months due to sickness and other work-related issues, I needed a bit of savings for myself as well, so cutting down helped.

Most important amongst these things for myself — I need money to buy textbooks and materials for my robotics projects.

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There’s no way I can progress with my dream project and all the schemes unless I study the right materials, and textbooks and professional books are expensive.

So that’s it: my personal budget goes to these books and materials I need — with the seldom “self-gift” of a novel or two when I can rely on good deals and discounts, and a nice dinner with my fiance.

I think it goes without saying that I won’t give up on the blogs connected to those old domains — that’s what subdomains exist for. 😉

Thank you for sticking with me through everything, including this important change!


Luana Spinetti

2 responses to “Why I Went From 270+ Domains To Only 28”

  1. Carla says:

    My head started throbbing when I saw you whittled down from 270 domains. Wow, that’s a lot to manage. It would definitely free up some cash to not have to renew all those!


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    • Luana says:

      Sorry about the headache, Carla! I always had a tendency to create a new site for each idea that crossed my mind, and work at it eagerly. I still manage that many sites (as subdomains), but I have merged a few into one bigger site because some didn’t get an update very often.

      Oh, I saved $1,800 from all that, and even got some cash to renew remaining domains and hosting from the sales (I managed to sell some of the domains).

      I could support my child and afford some textbooks and materials, so can’t complain 🙂


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