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Book Review: The Fourth Age by Byron Reese

Book Reviews, Robots, Technology · December 17, 2020, Thursday

Because disclaimers always come first, I have to tell you that a representative of GigaOM reached out to me on Twitter in 2018 asking if I wanted to read the book and sent me an EPUB. I started reading and I liked it so much that I decided to buy the paperback as soon as it became available on Amazon.

That said, this is an unbiased review – with the only “bias”, if you allow me, being my unconditional love of machines.

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How to Write a Blog Entry In 5 Steps (From My Experience as a Freelance Blogger)

Writing for Fun & Profit, Opinions, The Freelance Life · November 6, 2020, Friday

Image: desk with a sheet of white paper, a pen on it, and a cup of coffee nearby. I wrote "On Writing" on the image.

I’ve been thinking about why I chose freelance writing (blogging, in particular) as my career, and among the reasons that come to mind I can say that I love to teach as much as I love to learn.

When I blog, I’m learning more about the subject I’ve been researching, testing and writing about, but mainly I’m writing for other people who need an answer to their questions and a solution to their problems.

I blog for myself but I also blog to communicate, and I do that simultaneously.

That’s why I thought it was time for me to write a blog post that is both helpful and personal on this blog, telling you more about the writing process for a blog entry that I honed over the decade that I’ve been blogging for clients.

I hope that it’s going to help you get some stress out of the process, and all the same, enjoy it more as something that you do for both yourself and others.

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December 2019 – January 2020 Wrap-Up: Health, Wedding Plans, Business Changes

Monthly Wrap-Ups, That Luana Me, The Freelance Life · March 6, 2020, Friday

Welcome to the wrap-up post for the month of December 2019 and January 2020.

And 2020 is here, at last. And I’m going to turn 35 this year. Wow.

So, below is a sum-up of the most recent news:

So, all considered, things are looking up. 🙂 I hope 2020 started great for you, too!

Read on for the updates in detail.

Monthly Wrap-Up

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