7 Luana.me Things I Want to Change In 2016



How long since my last post?

Way too long. Months. 🙁

Work blogging is taking up most of my energies and I have rarely any left for personal blogging, but that’s not the only reason, nor it’s work blogging’s fault.

It’s self-esteem getting low and guilt — because I’m often sickly and I get behind with work, I somehow feel indebted to my freelance clients and I ‘punish’ myself (not consciously) by denying myself any non work-related blogging pleasure.

It’s awful. It’s self-sabotaging and it’s unfair. My emotions can bully me more than any human being on Earth would ever dare.

I’m going to try and get rid of that. I want to come back to being the cheerful blogger I used to be in the past.

I seriously do.

So, what things am I going to change in 2016?

  1. Give my Luana.me WP theme a new face. No new themes, but some tweaks here and there (for example, I might get rid of that green background sometimes soon? I don’t know why, but I grew tired with it) DONE
  2. Take a good look at those categories imported from the old Honey-Babe.net and see how I can merge most of them, so that I can assign posts to a small groups of meaningful categories DONE
  3. Turn any deleted categories into tags for topical relevance DONE
  4. Fix and update pages and update the navigation bar DONE
  5. Change how posts look on the homepage (make them excerpts “Read More” links) DONE
  6. Enter a few weekly or monthly linkups or memes and do my best to stick to them DONE (2017)
  7. Remove some old sponsored posts from 2007-2008, because the linked websites no longer exist or the topic is no longer relevant DONE (partially; some are here to stay!)

I had to have 30, and I know there’s 30, but these ones are all I can come up with right now Nah, 7 is okay! (UPDATED: March 2017) I get tired too easily since I had an accident on Feb 16 (more on that another time).