25 Facts about Luana

Here for your curiosity, 25 sweet facts about Luana 😉 Eheh ^^

  • My hair is so curly that it gets stuck everywhere, especially around buttons xD
  • I own so many books that I no longer have enough room at home for them all.
  • 100% Italian… but sometimes I wish I were at least 50% English…
  • … and I wish that because I would speak a better English with my foreign friends.
  • I dream to publish at least one comic book series with IDW *_* (hopefully Transformers or Star Trek).
  • I love all of my 10 Children of the Heart!
  • I’m a fat girl and I don’t want to get thinner 😛
  • I’m computer addicted and mom always get angry.
  • I’m fat mainly because of metabolism/thyroid troubles, but rarely eat sweets and fat food.
  • I want a room all for myself!!! *sob* 🙁
  • I love pink dresses decorated with a lot of flowers or hearts.
  • I LOVE 50’s and 80’s moda 😀
  • I used to be taller than my classmates until middle school; then everyone started beating my “record” 😛
  • People around me say I’m a genius… but I think they’re totally wrong X’D *lol*
  • On 2005 I read a total of 18 books *my record*
  • My graduation thesis at lyceum was titled “Artificial Intelligence & Computer Technology in Education“.
  • I’m so shy that at parties I usually stay in a corner reading a book.
  • I’m learning Spanish and Maltese and I love languages in general.
  • I love SEO and its techniques so much that I try to optimize *all* of my websites.
  • I love Malta, it’s a beautiful country ^^
  • Spaghetti addicted 😛 I eat them almost everyday
  • My desk is always messy and covered with piles of books.
  • If only I could, I would by my own apartment tomorrow!
  • I’m a daydreamer.
  • I own an AIBO ERS-220A named Orion.
  • My best friend lives at ground floor of my same building *me lucky!*

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