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This page is truly special 😀 In fact, it collects the most active websites owned by my characters!!! Some of them are heavily inspired by TV shows, real robots, cartoons, etc. and sometimes are their original characters re-modeled and modified by me as fanfiction/fanart charas. Some others are entirely from my own imagination 🙂 Have fun with them xD And don’t take them too seriously! ahah! it’s just for fun and creativity 🙂

Prime Family
Ahrithesh @
Asha @ Cardassian Lollipop
Blaze Spacecraft @
Commander OP @
Jazz @
Longreen @
Metabee @
Mirage M. @
Naral @
Odo @ Liquified
Promet @
Rosmice @ Mechanical Boss
Scarlette @
Arrow @ Hope Blossom
Smokescreen @
Sonny @
Robocity World
Ambrosia @ Kawaii Wish
Fireflight @ Molla Ing
Fulmine @
Ironhide @ Ironhide’S
Jazz @ Rappin Da Jazz
Larinah @
Laserbot @ Laser Diamond
Meron S. @
Ratchet A. @ The Healing Touch
Rebecca @
Red Alert @
Selenia @
Skywave @
Talla @
Titanus @ Heart GuardianOther Charas
Eve @
Enterprise @

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Thank you, friends!~ :3

Reisi @
Meron @
Sarina @
Eve @
Seana @
Danielle @
Mana @
Mexier @

Catch more of them at the CybeRobocity Directory! ;D