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Dear Sister Mileva Marić

Thoughts · September 4, 2013, Wednesday · 6 comments

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Mileva Maric and Albert Einstein

So, this first post is especially dedicated to a wonderful woman from the past, Mileva Marić, first wife to Albert Einstein, physicist and woman of great moral values. You can read more about her at PBS.

Besides the fact she was a genius – albeit unrecognized – it was her personal story to attract me, a story that resembles my own under so many aspects (which I won’t mention here) that she feels like a sister to me, no longer just an historical character. Every time I reread Einstein’s biography by Walter Isaacson, I pay particular attention to the passages where Mileva is mentioned or portrayed.

Einstein made her suffer all through her earthly life, as a woman, as a wife and as a human being, so the least I could do for her was requesting a requiem Mass to remember her and pray for her soul. She’s very dear to my heart and I honestly can’t understand how and why Albert Einstein, a man of such great intellectual virtues, would depreciate a woman like Mileva after years of happy engagement and then marriage. Mileva was a brilliant physicist, a skilled Math student, a sensitive woman and a romantic albeit realist soul. She stayed by Albert’s side no matter the troubles she lived because of her looks (she was considered an ugly woman), her birth defects (a problem with her leg) and Einstein’s parents, especially his mother, who did not approve of her and considered her the ruin of her son’s life and career. She endured that all out of sincere love, a love that lasted until her very death; and until the very last day of her life, she wanted Albert happy.

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What hurts me the most is that she died alone. 🙁 Perhaps one of her sons (or maybe both of them) she had with Einstein were by her sickbed before she exhaled the last breath; I want to hope so. But it was a sad end anyway.

I want Mileva to know that, no matter she died more than seventy years ago, there’s a sister on Earth who loves her. That’s me, and I want to hope I’m not alone.

Luana Spinetti

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Mandi Pope

You most certainly are not alone, Mommy Lu! Thank you for giving this wonderful woman some of the credit, attention and value she has so rightfully earned!

Baby Mandi


Erin Nicole
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Erin Nicole

Oops I forgot to reply to your blog!

Knowing that Mileva is dear to you I hope that she rests in peace and love. 🙂
She deserves all of the credit she can get!


Aaliyah Laine

Wow what a sad story .. and she was considered ugly? Looking at her portrait that you posted, she is FAR From ugly. As far as I’m concerned there isn’t any Ugly people in the world 🙂 Just ugly personalities hehe. It’s very sweet of you to dedicated this entry to her and thanks to you I now have learned something new in the History section!


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