Link Removal Request Policy


As you know, Google has started applying manual penalties to any webpages that carry unnatural links.

Well— if you landed on this page, it means you have a problem with a Google link penalty.

I understand. Been there, done that. However, you will certainly understand that it’s not my business to make everybody happy in this world, let alone a search engine acting on whims, so I developed a Link Removal Policy that’s meant to come to the rescue of both YOU and MYSELF.

Link Removal Request Guidelines

First thing to do: contact me at and let me know which links are currently considered toxic by your SEO team. Get specific, please: I need to know exactly which links you believe are hurting you and why, so that I can take a look and let you know.

Second: there are 3 types of links you may need removed or nofollowed, but my response will differ according to the nature of the link you need removed:

  1. Links you Bought from me: you can get these links removed at any given time and at no hassle. However, if you ask me to remove them shortly after you hired me to place them, and you already benefited from them, I’ll ask you to still pay the amount we agreed upon. This is to avoid cheaters who try to benefit from link purchases without actually paying for them.
  2. Links we Exchanged: blogroll buddies or link exchanges are meant to be social links, that we exchanged out of reciprocal affection or professional relationship, so instead of removing these links, I will just apply a rel=nofollow to each of them. Google’s algorithm doesn’t count nofollow links, so rest assured they won’t hurt you.
  3. Links I placed Editorially: let’s get this straight — I don’t like to remove links I placed editorially, because linking to relevat documents is part of a webmaster’s sacrosanct freedom, like citing relevant author is a student’s or a scholar’s sacrosanct right. I don’t appreciate people messing up with my freedom, thank you. So, if you really really want the link removed, you’ll have to pay me a fee — in the range of $5-$15 USD — as a means of compensation for moral offense.

Third: please give me up to 7 days to respond to your inquiry. I’m a busy person and I may not be online at the time you send out your request.

Please, show me you have read and understand my Link Removal Policy by adding “Google madness” to the subject line of your email.

Thank you for reading.

Image credit: jenny downing

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