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My Life Dream I Hope to Make Come True

Robots, That Luana Me ยท May 14, 2016, Saturday

My dream… is to make a real robot before I turn 50.

NAO robots by Aldebaran/Softbank

NAO robots by Aldebaran/Softbank (wish I could afford one!)

That will be in twenty years, more or less. Maybe nineteen, since I’m turning 31 next month.

But there’s still time to get something done. I’m not that young anymore, yet I only lived about one-third of my life (considering an average lifespan of 90 years), so I have no excuses to give up on my dream.

I even ‘confessed’ my dream to my DeviantART community last year — here is the post if you want to read it.

This is a preliminary sketch for the robot I want to build. His name is Rollerbot.

My Sweet Rollerbot

My sweet Rollerbot

He might wind up being a simple robot or a quite complicated robot, depending on how my work progresses in the future. For now, I’m just doing my best to lay the foundations — which means studying A LOT, writing down models and sketching concepts.

Here’s a hint of the research I’m going to use to build Rollerbot:

I also wrote a bit more about it on my Robospins DeviantART account: Gastrobots: Nature friendly robots that ‘eat’!

For those of you who are frightened by robots

… or maybe believe robots will one day take over the world

… or believe robots are an immoral abomination

… or are just creeped out by robots

… then please keep a respectful behavior or leave this page. The fact that you and I see robots under different perspective doesn’t authorize you to offend my persona or threaten me. I’m saying this because I was deeply hurt, treated as less than human and even physically bullied for my love of robots.

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You see, I do NOT believe that robots are dangerous, and sure as heck I’m going to make my Rollerbot safe to be around humans, but some human fears are very strong, and while I’m no in place to judge someone for their fears — which need to be tackled with understanding, love and education for them to go away, not harsh judgment — I need to protect myself against bullying.

So I hope you understand this final part of the post and why it’s here. To sum it up, I will respect you and your feelings and beliefs, but you must also respect me and my feelings and my beliefs. It’s very simple.

Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

Luana Spinetti