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Luana Spinetti

Just an Italian soul who (mother)loves robots.

** NOTE: I do NOT take requests, commissions and art trades. I MIGHT draw gift art sometimes, but only for people I care about. Thank you. **

NOTE: I draw mom-robot breastfeeding artwork

Do NOT watch me if you can't tolerate this kind of content. My content is NOT KINKY and its pure in its spiritual meaning, but I understand there are different sensitivities and cultural/religious viewpoints about it. I respect you. All I ask is for respect and kindness in return. :) We can always talk via Notes!

For more information about my posting of this type of artworks and writing, please read these journal entry: and


No-Copyright Attribution-Only License

This is a personal license I developed for my original artwork and writing.

Read it here:

LAST UPDATED: 10/06/2016

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