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Basic HTML

This tutorial includes:

a) basic HTML page
b) basic HTML tags

Useful to: beginners

Basic HTML Page

This is the basic structure of a HTML page:

Please, copy the code above in a .txt file and observe it for a while.
Now, let’s analyse the code tag by tag.

1) < ... > – these two symbols open and close EVERY html tag, and can’t be omitted, or your code won’t work;
2) html … /html – these two tags (inside the symbols above) start and close, respectively, an HTML page. They can be omitted, but I suggest to always use ALL the basic tags to respect the coding standards of this scripting language;
3) head … /head – these tags can’t be omitted: they open/close the header of the page, including the title and eventual CSS or javascript codes;
4) title … /title – these tags contain the website title (the one which appears in the blue bar of the browser window, at the very top);
5) body … /body – these tags (that can be omitted in some cases) contain the BODY of your site, the content (here it’s the “blablahblah”);
6) p … /p – these are the basic tags that create new paragraphs.

Basic HTML Tags

This code will let you have a underlined text

This one is for a bold text

“Cancelled text”: example

Code for italic text

This code will let you have a new line like: