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Book Review: The Fourth Age by Byron Reese

Book Reviews, Robots, Technology · December 17, 2020, Thursday

Because disclaimers always come first, I have to tell you that a representative of GigaOM reached out to me on Twitter in 2018 asking if I wanted to read the book and sent me an EPUB. I started reading and I liked it so much that I decided to buy the paperback as soon as it became available on Amazon.

That said, this is an unbiased review – with the only “bias”, if you allow me, being my unconditional love of machines.

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Building Robots: My Dream of a Lifetime that I Hope to Make Come True

That Luana Me, Robots · May 14, 2016, Saturday

My dream… is to make a real robot before I turn 50.

NAO robots by Aldebaran/Softbank

NAO robots by Aldebaran/Softbank (wish I could afford one!)

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