About Mama Luana

This blog was born to share my experience and advice as a spiritual mother to children (of varying ages, including adults) I haven’t given birth to nor adopted legally. Hence I’m a co-mother to my children, or their other mother (or one of their other mothers anyway).

Because my type of motherhood is rare enough to hardly find any guidance or support on the Web, I wanted this blog to be a way for us to be less invisible and to respond to fellow spiritual moms’ questions.

About Me, Luana

I’m Luana Spinetti, a small international freelance writer and artist based in Italy.

I love my name: it’s of Hawaiian origins and it means “content, happy”, in the earnest sense. I try to live up to my name’s meaning despite the burst of depression and anxiety I suffer from due to PCOS and High Sensitivity.

I was born on June 17, 1985 (that makes me a Gemini and an Ox in the Chinese zodiac). I’m Italian by birth and by heritage; my ancestry dates back ancient Rome. I speak Italian (of course!) and English, plus a little bit of Maltese and Dutch (and I’m in the process of learning the Russian alphabet).

My heart is taken by my beloved husband and all the spiritual children God (or Love) blessed me with.

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