Benefits of Breastfeeding and How it Enhances the Mother-Child Relationship

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Guest post by Melissa Welsh.

For many parents who are new to the world of parenting breastfeeding is a compulsory thing.

It is a very unique and special bond which enables the parent and the baby to get much closer.

Babies are considered very fragile and it takes time until they are able to drink milk through a bottle.

This is the reason in which breast feeding helps. It is highly recommended that a parent breast feeds their baby for at least six months.

Once this period of time is up they tend to move on to powdered milk.

But the months which a mother breastfeeds her baby is the considered a very cleansing feeling.

A baby is not able to consume solid food and this is a reason why a mother breastfeeds.

Even if the baby is able to consume solid foods it is recommended to continue feeding the baby in this manner for at least a year.

Breastfeeding doesn’t only provide a baby with milk: it also creates a very close bond with the mother and the child.

This type of feeling can only be explained if you experience it.

The only language which is spoken by babies is nursing.

A mother’s love can never be changed under any circumstances it is she who carries the baby for ten months and in these ten months she undergoes so much discomfort and pain.

There is never a time for sleep and several other symptoms that make any mother uncomfortable.

At the end of the day it is all worth it because many mothers who are in labor tend to go through the worst pain of their lives and just to see a tiny being that looks like an angel gives any mother the much awaited satisfaction they need.

When a mother nurses her baby the level of bonding tends to increase minute by minute.

When the baby is snuggled right by your side there is no better feeling in the world.

Mothers tend to get very attached to their babies unlike fathers.

There is a particular scent which makes the baby feel comfortable when the mother is around. It’s a pheromone.

When a mother whispers into her babies ears the voice which the baby hears is embedded and will never go away.

It is a breath taking experience to become a mother and the bond can never be broken between the baby and the mother.

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