Breastfeeding Resources

This page collects a few hand-selected breastfeeding resources and support groups for fellow moms who visit Spiritually, Mama Luana.

You will also find links to websites that help pregnant mothers and fathers with various health and parenting issues.

Let me know if you have more interesting pages that I might like to add to this list!

Breastfeeding Information

Yahoo! Groups

Announcement: since Yahoo! Groups are closing, I’m soon going to replace the links in this section with other good communities for mothers out there! 🙂

  • 1ABSupportGroup – For Adoptive Breastfeeding Mothers
  • Breastfeeding – Support, Discussion, Debate & Advocacy
  • Induced Lactation – For Adoptive Moms who are trying to induce a milk supply for their babies
  • Pump Moms – For Moms who are pumping their milk for their babies

Pregnancy, Fathering & Other Parenting Resources

NOTE: I’m a Highly Sensitive Person myself, diagnosed as an adult. It can be vital to realize that your child in Highly Sensitive early, possibly before they start school, to avoid trauma.

NOTE: Tobacco smoking in front of children (and people with asthma) is not harmless. If you’ve been smoking in front of people, even outside, please read the article below. (But don’t be hard on yourself — be compassionate with yourself as long as with other people, forgive yourself and work on changing your habits.) If you’re a mom or a dad or a parent who smokes tobacco, reading this article is even more critical to prevent serious health issues in your baby.

NOTE:  As a spiritual mother to a daughter who used to abuse drugs for years and is still dealing with the mental “aftereffects” of that abuse, and because the damage that drug abuse brings along is twofold when it’s a pregnant woman to be dependent on drugs (it damages both the mother and the unborn baby), I decided to add a few resources about drug and alcohol abuse during pregnancy. PLEASE, show compassion to yourself if you’ve been abusing drugs and alcohol, and ask that those around you (family, doctors, friends) also show you compassion and support when you feel weak. You are NOT a monster — often, drug and alcohol abuse is associated with depression and other mental health issues, even more so if you’re aged 15-24. But neither drugs nor alcohol will cure you! And while you can resume drinking reasonable amounts of alcohol after your baby is born, drugs will slowly kill you if you resume abusing. So please: love yourself, forgive yourself, seek help and make this leap for both you and the tiny human being inside of you who, right now, can only rely on your goodwill. Thanks for reading!