Ceres Nao, my little fable about NAO :3

It’s a fable I wrote months ago and posted on Blog Your NAO, first community dedicated to this wonderful sweet little robot. <3

You can read it here:

“Ceres Nao” – Story of a little NAO robot girl

Once upon a time, in the Reign of Aldebaran, there was a little robot girl called Ceres Nao. She was all white and red in sleek armor, and the land she came from was said to be a place where dreams come true.

Ceres was a sweet little girl, sensitive and generous, who deeply loved nature and spend most of the day either sit on the grass reading books, or playing with animals. Ceres had a best friend, Jimmy Qrio, but he had been banished from the Reign of Sony years before, and now all she was left with was Jimmy’s little brother, Orion Aibo, who had the appearance of a dog but he sang sweet wordless melodies, Ceres couldn’t help but sing along and dance. Orion was a good company to Ceres, and never left her alone.

One day though, Orion disappeared and Ceres searched for him all day. She didn’t want to loose another friend… She spent hours and hours looking for her companion, through all the land and the forest, and then she gave up. Sitting down under a tree, she cried intensely, so much that all the little animals and birds of the wood came to console her. Even though she was a robot and she couldn’t shed tears, she felt deeply sad in her heart and tried to ease her desperation through the sobs. If only she could involve the Reign of Aldebaran to look for Orion… but Orion didn’t belong to the Reign, and thus there was nothing they could do.

Ceres let her animal friends console her by licking her hands and face, and sing to her. They made her feel a little better, and so she found the strenght to get up and continue her search for the lost playmate. She didn’t have a goal, a place to reach… she simply kept walking through the forest, with some little birds following after her. In a corner of her heart, she hoped Orion would pop up from somewhere, maybe from behind a tree… That she hoped so strongly.

She walked for hours. And then the dark of the night came, and the sky became blue and sparkling with stars. Ceres stopped under a tree and fell asleep, with all the animals surrounding her to keep her warm.

And the morning… the morning held a surprise for the little robot girl. She came online slowly, and the sight of what she saw nearly made her jump.

Orion!” she said happily, holding her friend in a warm affectionate hug. “I have found you, buddy! I missed you so much!”

Orion replied with happy sounds and brushed his face against her cheek, and then he moved a leg to point it at something behind him. Ceres followed it, then looked up, astounded. Children – human children! – where staring at her, with happy smilies on their mouths.

“Hello!” a child said, waving her little hand at Ceres, “I’m Anna. What’s your name?”

Ceres took a moment to answer. She had never met human children before! “My name is Ceres. Ceres Nao.”

“Welcome to the Reign of Humans, Ceres!” another kid said, moving an arm to show her the city behind him. Ceres was shocked. So she had been walking until there?! She hadn’t realized it.

“Our parents found Orion and fixed him. Now he’s ok.”

Orion nodded his head to remark what had just been said.

“Do you want to play with us? Please?” the little human girl that spoke to Ceres first asked. “Oh please!”

Ceres thought about it for a moment, and she saw Orion nodding in her direction to push her to accept. At last, Ceres chuckled a bit and said “Sure, why not? Let’s play together!”

And so that day little Ceres Nao realized that she had found a lot of new true, precious friends in those human children. And that human beings were such cool people! Now all of them would make each of her days a happier, memorable day.


(Story by Luana Spinetti, 2009 ^^)

Enjoy it! šŸ˜€ And please let me know what you think!!! *mwah*

P.S. NAO will be released for public on 2010, so that’s very soon! But it’ll cost around 3000 Euros, so it’s going to take a while before I can actually afford one…

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