How To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet

Pets become parts of people’s families, so it’s no surprise that when people lose their animals, they become just as distraught as they would if they lost a human companion. Some individuals grieve the loss of a pet in the same amount of time that they do the loss of a friend or family member, while others get over the loss quickly. Every person is different when it comes to grief, whether it’s grief for a human or an animal. The important thing is to realize that you aren’t foolish for grieving over the death of a pet.

If you have lost a beloved pet, continue reading for tips that will help you cope with the loss and hopefully help you deal with your grief in a less damaging way.

Know that Grieving is Completely Normal

No matter how many people may tell you that your companion was “just a pet” and that you should not be grieving so much over his or her death, understand and recognize that these emotions are completely normal and you should not be forced to hide them away.

Express Yourself to People Who Will Understand

There are hotlines available that you can call that will help you cope with the loss, and if there are fellow animal lovers in your life that you can talk to, don’t hesitate to find those individuals who will understand what you are feeling. Some organizations even offer local pet loss support groups, and a simple Internet search may yield the results that you need. Or you may find the people you need to talk to on the Internet as well. If you are involved in animal rescue, for example, you may have connected with fellow animal rescuers over your social media pages, and these people may be just who you need to get over the loss, even if you don’t know them personally but they’re there to understand how you feel. The most important thing is to let your emotions out and to find a sympathetic ear that will listen.

Create a Memorial for Your Pet

Whether you choose to have your pet cremated or you want to create a memorial in your backyard for your companion, this is an important step in realizing that your pet is gone but not forgotten. Plant a flowering bush in his or her honor so that you can watch it grow each year in remembrance of your friend. Or place a small memorial stone with a photo of your companion in a special spot in your garden. You can even make a small memorial for your pet inside your home, with your pet’s ashes in an urn near some photos and objects that remind you of your pet.

When you are dealing with the loss of a pet, it is important to remember that you have to move through your grief at your own pace. If writing down your feelings helps or you need to speak with someone who will understand, take the necessary steps to heal.

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