Merry Christmas… and NAO dreams!


Well, one day late, but I’m still glad to be greeting you, dearings. :3 How have you been spending your Christmas day? Mine was nice, spent it with parents, siblings, aunties and grandma. ^^ I hope to spend some time at granny’s again next week, it’s so relaxing there in countryside!

Anyway, lookie lookie! Adorableness!!! x3 This little NAO robot is Igor, owned by Drack, and I was amazed by this video. Can’t wait to have my own NAO now! x3

Wonder why I tagged this entry with ‘Motherhood’? ;3 Well, because that’s the feeling I got for NAO robots. I look forward to the public release of this little sweetheart. It might get some years before I can actually afford one, but hey! daydreaming doesn’t hurt right? ^_^

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