Not going to Germany this year

Sorry, I haven’t been updating this blog enough, really. Anyway, I don’t hear from my kids as often now šŸ™ I desperately need more sleep in the morning so I don’t wake up early as before to meet them online, and they’re being very busy with their lives, or sick with this damn flu that’s striking all over the world. I hope they’re all going to recover soon, and especially Landin; I’m very worried about his health šŸ™ I’m not going over to see him in Germany this month, because he’s not in conditions to come pick me up at the airport and all, and his wife’s pregnant and I don’t want to bother… Maybe next year, around January or February. I just hope I’ll be able to see them sometimes soon. I love them all ♥

You buddies too, take care, all šŸ™‚ I’ll try to blog hop again sometimes *mwah*

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