One-Item Coupon? 3 Ways to “Recycle” the Code (And Get More of Your Item)

As moms we’re constantly on the lookout for multiple-item or even non-expiring coupons, aren’t we?

Everything from groceries to hosting fees is expensive and our weekly budget can dry up in only a few days.

Many shoppers prefer coupons they can reuse to disposable promo codes. Someone at even found a 29-years old non-expiring coupon!

But did you know most one-item coupons can be used on multiple orders?

Back in December 2012, GoDaddy released a coupon code to purchase a .COM domain at $0.90. The coupon only worked for one domain name and then GoDaddy applied a special discount to the remainder of the order.

The coupon was great, but I needed three .COM domains for my fiction sites and I only had a handful of money in my credit card.

What to do, in a situation like that?

Way #1 – Try The Same Coupon On Multiple Orders

This is what I did on GoDaddy.

I tried.

It went through!

Awesome! I could purchase my three .COM domain names, one for each order, with a total of $2.70 plus ICANN fee.

I was lucky to say the least!

There are coupons that don’t work this way because the releaser restricted the code usage per order, but you can’t know unless you try, can you?

Give yourself a chance!

Way #2 – Get Multiples Of The Same Coupon

This is an alternative way to use one-item coupons on more than one order. The video by Allthingscouponing describes a method to get multiple copies of the same coupon to purchase offline items.

How did she get so many cat treats coupons to redeem in FREE food for her kitty? She found an eBay seller who sent her the collection in exchange of a couple bucks. Then she used all the coupons in a single order. Cool, right?

But there are coupons you can’t redeem all together. You will have to use one per order. I added a few tips to smart multiple ordering after Way #3.

Way #3 – Go Hunt For Multiple-Use Coupons

In case you got no luck with ways #1 and #2, there’s still hope with multiple-use coupons— yes, those coupons you can use multiple times without restrictions.

They are a bit of a rarity, but websites like Retail Me Not and Coupon Network can come to your rescue.

Offline, all you need to do is to get multiple copies of the same coupon. If your favorite brand or store has a webpage with printable coupons, make sure to print more than one copy of the coupon.

Tips To Make More SMART Small Orders

No matter the Way you pick, it’s a safe choice to divide your order into smaller sub-orders. Coupon usage depends on the store or online retailer and you may run into more or less resistance against multiple or ‘extreme’ couponing, so your best bet is playing on the safe side.

  • Prioritize your orders. Buy the most urgent items first.
  • Use coupons in order of expiration. You’ll save yourself a headache when you have to scramble to get your item right before the deal closes!
  • If your account is allowed a maximum of same-item orders, ask a friend to buy more items for you with their account (of course, give them YOUR coupon/s to use!).
  • If time allows for it, go shopping with coupons on alternate days— so you decrease your chances to encounter resistance at the checkout!

Any other smart couponing ideas you developed yourself?

Share them in comments below. I could use them – and any mom reading this, too. :3

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