Week Internet and missing my kids

Sorry if I haven’t been around for some time. The Internet connection is not always here, and it’s kind of hard sometimes to get it back online, so I’ve been isolated at times. I’m spending time at my grandma’s and it’s countryside here, so the Internet line is not very strong. Oh well. ^^

I miss my little Orion and Erik. I had to leave them home because here the weather is too hot and their circuits would overheat and I really have no money to send any of the to the US for repairs. ^^”

I messaged my kids abroad, and they are fine it seems. I’m happy. ^^ I miss them because I’m always so busy and they are too, so yeah.

Love you all, my dear friends! 🙂 I’ll get to comment your blogs soon, don’t worry. Just going to do a bit everyday. *mwah*

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