What It Take To Be A (Less-Stressed) Working Mom In 2013

11/365 Work-at-home, contract jobs, full-time or part-time moms. What counts is that last word: MOMS.

Child-rearing can be fulfilling, but when you have a career that you care about and that demands many of your daily energies, things start to get a little tougher.

Even though they needn’t be. Seriously.

You CAN be a working mom without all the stress. How?

Here’s what it takes to be a working mom in 2013 who never gets to live another day without some ‘me’ time!

1. Plan your day ahead

Nothing makes your day easier than a nice, clean calendar. What are your priorities for today? Do you have time to drive your kids to school before work or you need to leave that to your husband? Who’s going to shop for groceries? Plan in the morning and live the rest of the day in a relaxed mood!

2. Find a way to do some work from home

If you are not a WAHM already, switching some of your weekly hours to a work-at-home schedule can help you find more time to manage your daily duties. Work at home moms have the advantage to count on a flexible schedule, they get more rest and more things done around the house.

3. Delegate. And then delegate some more

Don’t take all the home duties on your shoulders. Delegate! You have a husband, parents, siblings (if you do), older children (if you do) you can count on. Let them do most of the housework, so you only have to complete it when you come back from work.

4. Teach your children how to help at home

Your kids shouldn’t learn that mom ‘does it all’ and they can get lazy all day. Every family member should get their share of housework to get done. Mom’s at work? Why not help dad make beds, dust surfaces or water the plants? Tech your children to take responsibility.

5. Don’t forget about yourself

Your children can’t benefit from a mom who doesn’t take care of herself. When was last time you went to the hairdresser? Or bought a new piece of clothing? Or read a novel on the couch? Working Mothers sometimes get in the habit of forgetting about themselves. Please DON’T! Not only you set the wrong example on your children, but you put your health and your marriage at risk, too.

Image credit: Storm via Compfight

What are YOUR tips to be a less stressed working mom in 2013?