Reseller Hosting

When I first bought a hosting package at Surnaturelle Hosting I still was a newbie webmaster, thus the whole hosting matter was pretty much unknown to me. I had been hosted at another provider for a year, but I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I decided it was time for a change and picked up Even though I was dealing with several troubles, the Surnaturelle admin did not leave me alone through the learning process: she replied to all of my support tickets, fixed bugs in my cPanel and databases, upgraded/downgraded the service according to my requests and needs; never a complain, never a bad word, just real support that I’ve appreciated since I started with my website, back on 2007. I’m still a happy client of Surnaturelle, but let’s see what it offers, apart from a diligent and prompt support system.


Hosting prices start at $5.50/year for a basic hosting plan of 50MB and 1GB of bandwidth, and they go up to $43/year for a 1GB plan with 20GB of web traffic included. Even so, the packages can be customized, and a client has the possibility to order a totally custom package through the Custom Order form. The prices are overall pretty low for the service offered, even considering that every plan comes with Unlimited features (that includes domains, subdomains, databases, email addresses, Fantastico installer, etc.)

99.9% Uptime

This is not just statistics. In a two years time of being a client of Surnaturelle, I never experience any significative downtime; there have been small maintainance gaps, but that’s quite normal to every server, so that doesn’t really count. The uptime is really good, as well as the server speed; my website loads pretty fast, even with high resolution graphics not really optimized for the web.

Easy to pay for accepts 3 types of payment methods: Check, Money Order and PayPal (and credit card through PayPal). The risk of forgetting about paying is really remote, because an automated reminded will come in the e-mailbox whenever the renewal time approaches. I’ve found this functionality very suiting my needs, since I’m a person who often forgets about renewal dates.

Great support and great humanity

Once again, I want to underline this aspect about this hosting provider. I never felt alone through the troubles the first year of hosting (and now too at times) gave me, and what striked me was the humanity with which the admin replied to my emails and tickets. I felt cared for, and not just like another client ID.

Of course, this is my opinion. I’m sure there are other great hosts out there, but I won’t be leaving for all of the above reasons, and I wanted to share my experience with you other webmasters and Internet users. I hope it was useful. 🙂