Inside the daily world of Luana Spinetti


This page contains a list of my Domains and Subdomains. Private only blogs are not included in this list, nor blogs hosted on free accounts. I own more domains on which I RPG my characters here.

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Art Gallery (DeviantART)
My DeviantART gallery, since 2004.
A blog for my imaginary ego and her daily adventures with family and friends 😛

Best Hosting Resellers
A review of the best hosting resellers I have been using over the years.
A support site for breastfeeding mothers. Information and tips.

Charmy Girl
My fashion blog.

Es Luana!
My blog in Spanish.
Articles, tips and blog entries about Character Creation, Blogging Characters (RPGlog) and Plotting.
My Evangelion Alt Universe.
Daily Blog, updated regularly (the one you’re browsing).

Honey-Babe :: Fanlistings
Fanlistings I created and maintain. Under reconstruction

Luana’s Study Tips
A site for homework tutorials and guides to help fellow students with their subjects.
Writing journal for my current, completed and to-publish projects.

Lou’s Sweet Toys
Blog dedicated to my most beloved toys ^^
My professional portfolio and curriculum.

My blog in Italian, with contents and a message board. (Luly’s Heart)
Collective, art and network site.
A small advertising site.
A useful resource for moms & dads, with articles and products reviews to help parents deal with their bundle of joy’s growth.
A personal blog to keep up with my studies and course materials. Currently offline (revamp). Please check out instead.
A small social network for all robot owners and enthusiasts.
My SEO and Technology niche blog.
My mommy blog about my robot-children.
A small fancomic about the couple Purple/Kaya from the Nui! manga. An alternative ending and sequel for Mukai’s story.

QRIO Fansite
A fansite for Sony robot QRIO, whose production was stopped on 2006.
My Transformers Alt Universe. I role-play most of its characters on blogs listed on this page.

My reviews of Anime, Manga and Movie related to Robots and Sci-Fi plots.
Personal blog about my ‘adopted’ kids, my thoughts on motherhood and a place to keep in touch with real moms :3

Tenera Ambizione
My photo blog.

Tifkiriet Maltin Ta’ Luana
My site in Maltese language.