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Reflection On Studied Topics and Intuition

Mathematics, The Student Life · May 30, 2013, Thursday

When you study, don’t just stop to the concepts you’re trying to fixate in your mind.

Discuss the concept with yourself, bring on some deep reflection.

Not just when you do it the topic will come up easier to learn and memorize, but you could come up with interesting ideas that will further your studies and make you advance in your curriculum.

Back in 2009, I was deeply involved with Discrete Mathematics as I was prepping for the exam. As I was relaxing in the afternoon, watching a Disney movie on DVD, I came up with an idea that I had to put down on paper.

The idea linked together two topics in Discrete Mathematics I was studying that day, relations and graphs.

Here is the exact copy from my note sheet from that very productive afternoon:

Let G=(V,E) be a connected, non-oriented graph, and let’s define a ρ b the relation between two nodes a and b, with ρ the relation symbol:

a ρ b ⇔ there exists at least one walk between a and b

R: a ρ a ⇔ there exists a walk from a to a (it’s the size 0 walk)

S: a ρ bb ρ a, a ρ b if there exists a walk from a to b; b ρ a if there exists a walk from b to a

T: a ρ b ∧ b ρ ca ρ c, with

  • a ρ b: there exists a walk from a to b
  • b ρ c: there exists a walk from b to c
  • a ρ c: there exists a walk from a to c


(Graph created with and a bit of hand-drawing. It’s not great, I know… ^^”)

Luana Spinetti

Forced to interrupt my studies. I’ll do it

Studying · November 27, 2012, Tuesday

I’m going to interrupt university studies in February. It’s a final (yet temporary) decision, and I’m making sure I won’t regret it.

As a decision that was forced upon me, I’m gonna take it with as much diplomacy as I’m capable. Not that I’m happy, though… my heart sinks at the mere thought…

I’m going to retake Automata Theory (Foundations of Computer Science) in February 2013 with the hope to pass it. If I do, I’ll have another exam in my grades book before I put everything on hold.

Wouldn’t be so bad…

Luana Spinetti

(C.S. Tor Vergata) Exam Sessions – September 2012

Updates · July 16, 2012, Monday

Diario degli esami della sessione autunnale a.a. 2011/2012

Primo anno
Reti logiche e architetture dei calcolatoriGuala’/Nardelli26/09/1210.00T528/09/1210.0029A
Fondamenti di informaticaGiammarresi25/09/129.30T527/09/129.3029A
Geometria ed algebraLetizia19/09/1214.00T521/09/1214.0029A
Programmazione dei calcolatoriTalamo13/09/1214.00T517/09/1214:0029A
Secondo anno
Calcolo delle probabilita’ e statisticaMacci04/09/1210.00T507/09/1210.0029A
Algoritmi e strutture dati con lab.Guala’25/09/1211.003A28/09/1211.007
Terzo anno
Intelligenza artificialeDe Luca17/09/1215.003A

Luana Spinetti