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Why I Went From 270+ Domains To Only 28

Kids, That Luana Me, Updates · October 16, 2015, Friday

NOTE: This entry is dated 16/10/2015 because it’s the time it had to go online. Unfortunately I had some problems that didn’t allow me to spend enough time on this blog, so the entry remained here as a draft. It finally goes online today, 10/02/2016. Coming back to blogging soon! ^^

Savings, savings!Last year in September I posted about how and why I cut down my domain number to 270 (from 340+) and in January this year I posted a domain sale announcement because I was getting rid of several domains from my inventory.

Now I cut further down — I only own and manage 28 domains overall now. And the ones I cut off are all for sale here:

You may wonder why, as I’ve been telling how attached I am to my domains for years.

Well, it was a tough decision to make, one that costed plenty of tears, but I had to.

It’s simple: my child comes first.

One of my spiritual children has been in need for months and I felt awful knowing I could do nothing to ease his financial discomfort.

Believe me, it can be heartbreaking for a mother to feel so powerless (and useless) in front of her son’s suffering.

So I decided to cut down on my domains to have a bigger monthly budget to send to him.

Also, since I don’t swim in gold and I have lost two clients over the last months due to sickness and other work-related issues, I needed a bit of savings for myself as well, so cutting down helped.

Most important amongst these things for myself — I need money to buy textbooks and materials for my robotics projects.

There’s no way I can progress with my dream project and all the schemes unless I study the right materials, and textbooks and professional books are expensive.

So that’s it: my personal budget goes to these books and materials I need — with the seldom “self-gift” of a novel or two when I can rely on good deals and discounts, and a nice dinner with my fiance.

I think it goes without saying that I won’t give up on the blogs connected to those old domains — that’s what subdomains exist for. 😉

Thank you for sticking with me through everything, including this important change!

Web Designers at Heart – Trust, Honesty, Experience

Calling of the Heart, Design, Thoughts · February 24, 2015, Tuesday

It takes time to become a good web designer.

I know it— it took me years to move from personal website design (which I still do) to working for company websites.

At first, all you can do it grab opportunities and turn them into changes to grow as a person and as a designer. But when it comes to big companies, it’s important that you present yourself as an experienced web designer who built a considerable clientele and a good reputation over the years.

web design

I know it might sound unfair — and sometimes I feel bad when I stumble upon gig announcements that require experience and numbers I don’t have (especially if I really, really like the company) — but that’s how it works— and I honestly believe it’s just, because an experienced web designer worked so hard to get to that point in their career. 😉

It’s why I really admire Cara, the web designer who runs CEB Design Studio, a web design DC based service.

And I love it that she begins her About Me page with a very heartfelt “I truly love what I do“. :love:

Cara has 7 years of experience under her belt. And she understands business, too. Sounds like someone I’d really love to make friends with. Or at least, we could get talking (about business and web design, what else?).

I believe she’s the kind of person who can make a difference for the clients she works with. Sometimes to be a solopreneur means you have to work harder to earn a company’s trust, but as you collect more and more bonus points from a job well done and lovely client relationships, trust will become almost a given.

And trust is more important than your resume, you can believe me on that. (I’m a freelancer, remember?)

If you’re a web designer like me and Cara, read on…

Don’t just put up a portfolio website. Don’t stop to testimonials and a few contact links.

Tell your prospective clients who you are, what you love, what you enjoy doing at work and outside of work.

Clients are human beings, too— they want to know the person behind the website. They’re not interested in a sterile resume. It’s the human touch that makes the difference.

Also, have free resources that both companies and fellow freelancers can download and use (and get to know you for your value and not just your words!).

Here’s an example from Cara’s Resources page [a screenshot]:


Cara’s website is a great example of how to help clients feel nurtured and taken care of.

She uses colors in a non-stressing way, too. Just what helps people focus their attention without hurting their eyes.

(Hope I’m doing good in that sense, too!)

And then, if you are a company…

Look at the person in front of you before you consider their work. Does she inspire trust? Is she kind and understanding?

Her work will reflect those personality traits.

Now, does her work show love and passion for what she does? Is there creativity and drive in there? Is her portfolio supported by genuine testimonials?

These are good starting points.

You should try to get in touch and see how your prospective web designer will respond, too. If she’s a nice, kind and available person, she will speak with warmth while keeping it professional, and she will do everything in her power to accomodate your needs without slaving it away.

Because real professionals are people with a dignity and know how to step up for their rights, if they have to.

But I’m sure you’re NOT that kind of company. 😉 The collaborative ‘friendship’ that will be born from working together will make a difference in both of your lives.

I know that, because it’s what happened to me– as a freelancer, collaboration always brought great human relationships to the table.

From what I can see from Cara’s website, she’s also that kind of professional.

Fellow web designers, what’s your take on client relationships and the honesty and trust that your responsibility involves?

Companies, how do you appreciate a collaborative, kind and honest approach in a professional web designer?

I’d love to read your comments! 🙂

“Web Design” image courtesy of Stuart Miles from

7 Of The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues Around The World

Guest Posts, Love · February 20, 2015, Friday

Where do you dream of getting married? 🙂 I accepted this guest post by Andrew Shepard for because it contains not just useful advice for all my readers who are engaged or getting married soon, but also because the guest post comes with a hint of romanticism. Loved it!

Enjoy the reading and leave comments! I’m going to tell Andrew when you do, so he can respond. *huggles*

Choosing a wedding venue can be one of the hardest decisions a couple has to make. From creating the perfect atmosphere to ensuring that it caters for all your needs, the perfect venue is one of the key ingredients to ensuring you have an unforgettable day. Here are seven of the most beautiful (and unique) wedding venues from across the global to spark some inspiration. Regardless of where you choose to host your big day, don’t be afraid to add personal touches to make it your own!

Luvattumaa Ice Chapel Levi, Finland

If you’re after something a little different for your wedding, how about getting married in a Snow Castle? The Luvattumaa Ice Chapel Levi includes ice sculptures and beautiful romantic lighting to really make this a stunning place to say “I do”. It may be cold, but the wow factor is guaranteed.

Malcesine Castle, Italy

A gorgeous Italian castle with views across mountains and lakes, what is not to love about Malcesine Castle? Built in 1300, and declared a national monument in 1902k, this venue combines the romance of Italy with its history.

Grand Canyon National Park, USA

One of the natural wonders of the world, getting married at the Grand Canyon National Park will be a wedding like no other. With a private spot (away from tourists), overlooking the Colorado River, or deep with the canyon itself, this venue has something for everyone. How about arriving to your ceremony via helicopter? A sure way to add some extra glamour to your big day! Regardless of how you choose to arrive, getting married at the Grand Canyon is guaranteed to take your breath away.

The Byre at Inchyra, Perth, Australia

This magical barn is the perfect spot to personalise your big day. Hidden away for a private event, the Byre at Inchyra is beautiful venue, perfect for a romantic and intimate setting. The venue has maintained its traditional features, such as timbered roofs and stone and wooden walls, mixed with features such as skylights with automatic blinds, give this venue an amorous ambiance. With an array of different possibilities, it is worth checking out the website for more details on how you can personalise your wedding.

Santorini Princess, Santorini

A picturesque venue on a picturesque island, Santorini Princess has it all. Wedding can be held on the Caldera which boasts stunning views and the most perfect sunset guaranteed. This romantic setting is sure to be a hit and leave you feeling serene and blissful, as you celebrate the union between you and your loved one.

Peter Island Resort and Spa, British Virgin Islands

A hidden paradise in the largest private island of the British Virgin Islands, this is a breathtaking venue, perfect for your special day. The resort is the only one on the island adding to the exclusivity of this wedding location. With an array of wedding packages (which can be customised), Peter Island Resort and Spa is perfect to host the most amazing day in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Ocean Gallery, S.E.A Aquarium, Singapore 

Every dreamed of an underwater wedding, surrounded by sea life? Well your dreams may have just come true – to an extent. Ocean Gallery, is the world’s largest oceanarium, boosting an underwater view of over 50,000 marine fish. This is truly a unique wedding venue.

Image credit: Royalty Free or iStock source

About my Guest Writer:

Andrew Shepard is the Founder of one of the leading wedding videographers in Perth- Crystal Clear Visual. Andrew has been lucy enough to film in some of the most beautiful wedding destinations in the world.