I’m selling some of my Domains because of health issues


This is a slightly altered repost from my thread at TeaHouse MB

It means that basically I’ve been losing a lot of my yearly budget for domains because I could barely work for the past 6 months (still dealing with issues and therapies), so I’m selling some of my domains instead of giving them away because I need some money (for the domains and other things life, too, as this month I earned less than $200).

Of course, if nobody buys the domains, I’ll give them away for free 2-3 months before they expire, but I’m hoping to get some help in the meantime.


I have set regular to premium prices for the domains below, but I want YOU (who are reading THIS post) to make your own price, according to your budget and how much you feel the domain has value. 🙂

This is because I’d like to give priority to small, personal bloggers over domain investors and businesses.

I will push the domain to your registrar account for free, of course, and I will also gladly host you for free when you buy a domain!

azherxi.info (CrazyDomains.co.uk)
retro-smash.info (expire in March 2015, GoDaddy)
nolimitshost.info (GoDaddy)
wheelicious.info (GoDaddy)
wohm.info (GoDaddy)

crazy-cutie.eu (Name.com)

brushy.org (NameCheap) — SOLD (30/jan/2015)

cuteyummies.net (Name.com) — PENDING SALE (30/jan/2015)
elegant-charm.net (Name.com)
heartiziia.net (Name.com)
bella-chic.net (Name.com)
love-lots.org (Name.com)
siansa.net (NameCheap)

infotorv.us (NameCheap)


Comment on this post or get in touch at luana@openmailbox.org about this.

P.S. I’m also hoping to use some of the money to help a friend and a girl in need. Right now I have nothing to donate.

P.P.S. Verisign has increased .NET domain price of another dollar this year; it’s why I had to give up on so many lovely .net domains. 🙁