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September-November 2019 Wrap-Up: Wedding, Programming, Reads & Work

Monthly Wrap-Ups, That Luana Me, The Freelance Life · November 30, 2019, Saturday

Welcome to the wrap-up post for the months of September through November 2019.

Only one month to go until the end of this year. I can’t believe we’re already entering the second decade of the 21st Century.

Here’s a sum-up of the news (not a happy one):

In spite of the grieving and work-related despair, below I listed the stuff I’ve done September to November this year. Never give up, right?

Monthly Wrap-Up


We’re actively looking out for houses and churches now. You know, for our wedding. 🙂

Nothing’s easy now that dad is no longer with us and he can’t walk me to the altar the next year, but I want to be happy on my special day even for him, so the sooner we get stuff done, the more relaxed we’ll be on that day.

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Secondly, I’m giving learning Go… a go. 🙂

I haven’t programmed in years and my knowledge stops at writing small PHP scripts. I definitely want to go back to study PHP, C and Python, but at the moment Go is a better alternative to get back into the programming vibe because I’m developing a strong interest in container technology and the Docker framework.


I read only 3 books these three months:

  1. Le tre ghinee by Virginia Woolf (Italian translation of “Three Guineas”)
  2. Évariste Galois: Morte di un matematico by Paolo Pagli and Laura Toti Rigatelli
  3. Transformers: Exiles by Alexander C. Irvine

But there are a few others I’m about to finish in early December:

I doubt I’ll reach my 2019 goal of 45 books, but that’s fine. 🙂 Quality matters more than quantity IMHO.

Freelance Work

The market crisis began around July, so I only got 2 articles published since.

I no longer work for Monitor Backlinks and CoSpot (perhaps we’ll collaborate again in the future, but at the moment their blog is on undefined hiatus) and I’m actively looking for new B2B clients to write for.

I might have found a job as a Content Marketer at an SEO agency. I really like the owner: he’s a wonderful person, understanding of disability and definitely open-minded.

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More on that in December, though, because I don’t know if it’s going to work at all with the unpredictability of my health condition.

Below are the links to the articles that were published between September and November on Bosmol Social Media (an old client who came to my rescue), in chronological order:

Bosmol Social Media (2)

  1. How and Why to Prioritize Social Media in Your Weekly Marketing Activities
  2. 6 Rules to Rock Social (Media) Networking for Business

Conversely, I’ve been doing some huge update work on all my business-related websites and I’m about to publish new posts over the next two weeks.


It’s not a good time in my life and I’m surviving more than living, but things will look up eventually.

2020 is going to be a better year, I’m sure.

Watch over me from Heaven, Dad. I need your love more than ever.

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