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Still a Student, After All (I Will Never Stop)

The Student Life, Thoughts · November 5, 2014, Wednesday · 7 comments

Hello! 😀 Guess what? I’ve almost completely recovered. Such a good feeling!

Me, Luana, with my headphones

I have completed an article for a client today and done some social media work for them, so I feel good and accomplished. Now, time to update my personal blog and have some fun with my Character Blogs, too. Yup!

So, today’s post is about studying. Oh, I know some of you will make a face and say, “nooo, studying is awful! All that yucky homework to get done, bleh!”.

Well, I know there are teachers out there who make it really hard to enjoy a subject (been there, done that), but that’s not the ‘studying’ I’m referring to.

I used to be a university student until 2012. Computer Science undergraduate. I was really slow to progress on exams, though, because in addition to my health issues I had almost no background in Mathematics and computer architecture, so everything was new to me and I had to absorb it bit by bit.

Never mind, I told myself, I love it so much that it doesn’t matter how long I take to graduate, as long as I DO graduate, right?

Some people around me had different thoughts about the matter, though. Long story short, there was this strong idea that paying several years of tuition (albeit I paid half of it with my own money) for a student with health issues who doesn’t make steady progress wasn’t a good idea, so I was strongly pressured to quit.

[NOTE: I know I shouldn’t have cared about that idea, but not being financially independent and the excess stress and pressure added to my ‘malfunctioning’ and made studying almost impossible.]

I didn’t quit, though— I just put my studies on hold. I don’t pay tuition anymore, but my university ID is still active, so while I can’t take exams, I can still use the library and the CS lab.

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I keep in touch with my old classmates, I attend to student reunions (in semi-incognito, as I can’t participate actively) and I give and get advice on subjects.

I still study. I attend lectures every time I can drop by the faculty, I study lecture materials that professors put online and I email professors who know my story and agreed to keep an open channel with me. (They also hope I’ll be back as a full- or part-time student, some day!)

So you see, I’m still a student, after all. And I will never stop being one.

It’s not just my university. I keep studying thanks to free materials from MIT’s Open Courseware and public course pages, and websites like Coursera and Udacity that let you enroll to university-grade courses for free.

Some people now know they can’t do anything to stop me.

Besides, I’m a freelancer thanks to my multi-area studies. I tend to use what I learn, so it’s thanks to the notions of Linguistics if I can write a better English and do better text translations for clients; and it’s thanks to Automata Theory if I learned to recognize patterns behind a language (natural or artificial) and understand programming better.

And if I’m starting to get a name in the freelance marketing field, it’s because I studied Marketing and SEO on my own.

So this is really it: I can be taken out of university but, in a way, university can’t be taken out of me.

This is who I am, and I love it.

Luana Spinetti

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Jenny of

I’m glad you’re getting back on top of things! I would have loved to have studied something more technical at uni. Instead I study a humanities degree.



Hey! I’m so glad youre feeling better! Sick is the worst feeling in the world (okay, probably just after broken hearted) ! Anyway, this post really made me appreciate my parents and my studies. I’m a junior in college and more often than not, I really do enjoy learning new things and everything. But I’m a nursing student and because of the pressure, i sometimes end up just going “what the heck, i’m not doing this” at all my school stuff. But looking at you and your desire to really maximize learning, I’m inspired, to say the least. I get… Read more »
I’m so glad you continued to study towards your goals!!!! It’s so easy to just give up when you don’t have the funding opportunities or things like that. The negativity that you describe against studying seems very childish to me!! I think as adults, studies is something that helps you develop and reach career goals as well as learn something new just for your own sake. Studies certainly drains energy, but it’s usually worth it. After we moved home from Ireland I started studying for a specialist degree in oncology nursing. It was terribly stressful but I’m so glad I… Read more »

I’m glad to hear that you’re recovering!

You make me proud. It’s not often one meets someone who has the drive that is needed in order to be a student. It’s a pity to hear that money became an obstacle, but what you decided to make of the situation is inspiring.


thats great news that you feel better again! I hate feeling sick 🙁 it makes you all sluggish and you just feel like you don’t want to do a thing! I understand how you feel about studying. I finished studying something last year but now want to study nursing and my parents aren’t very happy with me wanting to continue studying. I don’t think that your family should pressure you to not do something that you want to do. Afterall it is your life and you should be able to make your decisions. Do you think you will unsuspend your… Read more »

I’m so glad you’re standing up for what you want! I’m almost the same age as you, and I’m going to study graphic design in 2015. I believe there is always something to learn. 🙂