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The Charm of A Minimalist Workspace in a Maximalist Lifestyle

Thoughts, Lifestyle Diaries, The Freelance Life, The Student Life · December 30, 2019, Monday

Yes, a (semi) minimalist workspace.

In the home of a maximalist.

As “weird” as it might sound, we don’t have to embrace a movement to use it for inspiration to make some changes, right?

I don’t really use the label on me, but you could define me as a maximalist: I love owning a lot of stuff that I can rely on at all times and I would never “downsize” unless I had a great internal push to do it… in some specific, small area of my life.

But you know what? A little touch of minimalism is actually doing charms for my mental health when it comes to handling my workspace.

To keep sensory overload at bay, mostly. To make my workspace less visually and mentally triggering.

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