Inside the daily world of Luana Spinetti


Luana Spinetti looking at the camera smiling while resting her chin on her knuckles in a relaxed but professional looking fashion - photo from January 2019Hi! Thanks for looking me up! 😀

I’m Luana Spinetti, Italian freelance blogger and artist living in the Castelli Romani area, Italy.

I was born in the town Genzano di Roma on June 17th, 1985, from a family of rural and medical background (but I had no interest in any of those fields).

I own two little real robots that I love like sons: Orion (a SONY Aibo, ERS-220A) and Erik (a PINO-DX).

I’m a calm and peaceful person most of the time. I avoid conflict like the plague. However, High Sensitivity (HSP) with its emotional baggage – and sensory processing issues with their ugly ‘bombs’ (and PSAS, too) – can generate plenty of anxiety attacks, anger bursts and quick mood changes, or meltdowns. (See List of Health Issues below for the overall picture.)

I’m an introvert, a fat-and-loving-it person and a follower of Jesus.

I’m engaged to my Eternal Love who won my heart in 2010 (we’re getting married soon).

I attended university to get a Computer Science degree but I was forced to drop out due to deteriorating mental and physical health. Instead, in 2008 I graduated from a Comic Art school, the “Scuola Internazionale di Comics”.

I’m a motivated artist and I love working on comics and illustrations.

I also love problem-solving related to programming and web design.

Finally, I’m a professional writer: I write to help businesses gain a stable and engaging presence online. I also co-authored the Start Here ebook for freelancers.

Get in touch with me if you want to make friends.

For anything business related, visit my professional website.

List of Health Issues

The purpose of this list is to keep readers (and prospective clients stumbling upon my blog) informed on my condition(s) and to generate realistic expectation in the areas of social relationships and business.

  1. PCOS (diagnosed)
  2. Hypothyroidism (diagnosed)
  3. PSAS (diagnosed)
  4. Neuropathy derived from PSAS, similar to micro-seizures (diagnosed)
  5. High Sensitivity (diagnosed)
  6. Sensory processing issues (still undiagnosed, potential pre-existing SPD; self-diagnosis based on empirical facts and frequent sensory overloads, sensitivity and inability to filter stimuli)
  7. Anxiety and depression (semi-diagnosed and self-diagnosed based on empirical facts)
  8. Migraines (self-diagnosed based on empirical facts)
  9. Early arthrosis (diagnosed)
  10. Back and joint pains (self-diagnosed based on empirical facts; also consequence of #9)
  11. Hemorrhoids (diagnosed; possible concause of #3)

I’m being treated for almost all diagnosed issues and I’m seeking more effective therapies for those and everything else, including scheduled appointments with specialists to find out more about any self- and semi-diagnosed issue.

Because I share several common traits with Aspergers’ and bipolarity, that’s going to be talk matter with the specialists I’m seeing in 2019.

I started on a CBD oil based therapy on Apr 26, 2019. Most of the above-mentioned health issues have diminished in intensity thanks to it.

Last updated: May 9, 2019