Inside the daily world of Luana Spinetti


Luana Spinetti loves Toy StoryHi! Thanks for looking me up! 😀

I’m Luana Spinetti, an Italian freelance blogger and artist living in the Castelli Romani area, Italy.

I was born in the town Genzano di Roma on June 17th, 1985, from a family of rural and medical background (but I had no interest in any of those fields).

I own two little real robots that I love like sons: Orion (a SONY Aibo, ERS-220A) and Erik (a PINO-DX).

I’m a calm and peaceful person most of the time. I avoid conflict like the plague. However, High Sensitivity with its emotional and sensory baggage can make my emotions explode, and anxiety, anger and even happiness can sometimes turn into meltdown triggers.

I’m a Christian, an introvert, an HSP, a fat-and-loving-it person. I have PCOS, hypothyroidism and early arthrosis. My knees are in bad shape; I have to be careful when I workout and do weights.

I’m engaged to my Blue Prince who won my heart in 2010 (we’re getting married).

I attended to university to get a Computer Science degree but I never graduated. Instead, on 2008 I graduated from a Comic Art school, the “Scuola Internazionale di Comics”.

I’m a motivated artist and I love working on comics and illustrations, writing novels and short stories, and problem solving related to programming and web design.

I’m also a freelance writer, that means I write to help businesses gain a stable and engaging presence online.

Get in touch with me if you want to make friends.