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When you are new to creating a website, it often happens that you start wondering “How do I organize my website?” or “What contents should I put up?”.

Let’s say it straight: it depends on the kind of website you’re going to build.
Let’s start with general tips, which are good for every site 😉

1- Have a nice layout. The graphic appearance is important. 10 years ago, a black on white webpage was good, but nowadays users want more! They want colors, and nice and browser friendly navingation menu and a variety of fonts.

2- Site language? English please. I know that this one may be odd enough to recommend, but think of this: how many visitors do you think you will get if you write your site contents in Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, etc. ?? Remember that the web crew is mostly English-speaking, both as mother-tongue and as second language! What if someone doesn’t know your language?? You’ve lost a visitor. So, be nice and use English 😉 *EXCEPTION: targeted audience websites (i.e. a site for Italians only or Chinese only)
**I’ve been told that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, so what I say is wrong. And ok, true. But how many people know Chinese, besides Chinese and some other few? o_O Very little! It’s just that English is the International language, just this! If it was another one, I would have put another one.

3- NO TyPYNg LiKE ThIs!!!. It’s quite hard to read, don’t you find? :-/

4- Check your spelling and grammar. A page with a lot of mistakes will be hard to understand, and the visitor will soon leave it. So, always check what you wrote after finishing a paragraph!

5- Links in alphabetical order. Believe me, it’s the better way to keep everything organized and easy to find 😉 I tried this on my site and it works!

6- Beware of the youngers. Don’t put your sexuality page together right after your vacation gallery! If you’re going to have some adult content, put it in another section, providing a warning/disclaimer and password protecting it, if you can. Save the children’s innocence! 😉

7- Accessibility. Make a website that can easily loaded by a 56k connection! Yes, not everyone has a DSL. So try avoiding Flash and any other heavy program. 😉

Okay! And now… let’s start with more specific tips 😀


These tips are good for you if you’re going to create a personal site (blog, dedication, etc.)

1- Follow the general rules and you’ll make everyone happy 😉

2- Don’t give out too many personal informations. Remember that Internet is a jungle, where both good and evil animals live. The best way to avoid any dangerous contact with these “dangerous animals” is not putting too many personal informations on your site, like your home address, your children’s school, etc. Bad people can find you out and put you in troubles. Create a password protected section if you want to share these info with people you know, but DON’T put them on your public profile!

3- Create various sections. Don’t put your profile, photo gallery and favourite clothes all on one page! That would be long to scroll! Organize your site in more pages/sections, such like: “Photo Album”, “Profile”, “My Boyfriend”, etc. 😉

4- Personal doesn’t mean… MEAN! . Even if you’re going to vent about that horrible political party that you hate so much, remember that giving personal opinions is a thing… and being mean to the world is another! Try to be a bit neutral. Your visitors could be offended and leave your site forever.


I will be brief here.

1- Follow the general rules.

2- DON’T STEAL GRAPHICS!!! . Nobody likes a graphics site with stolen stuff! Just distribute YOUR OWN graphics, not the ones belonging to other people!

3- Don’t put up graphics you know you’re not good at making yet. I don’t say this to be rude, but if you’re new, for example, to making icons/avatars, don’t post them until you can make some decent ones! Who do you think will use ugly avatars! o_O People look for good stuff. Not excellent, but good.

4- Organization. Same thing as personal sites. Do you have blends, free layouts, animated gifs and avatars? Then create a page for each one. It will be easier to find than scrolling a huge and never loading page

Last but not least advice, for EVERYONE: *Make a website that can be easily loaded by a 56k connection!*

Yes, not everyone has a DSL. So try avoiding Flash and any other heavy program. 😉

And that’s all ^_^ Hope it helped! Feel free to email me for anything.

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