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Pens And Writing? Meet My Life-Savers! ;)

Updates · May 23, 2014, Friday

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC 4-Color pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

BIC® is my favorite brand of pens.


What?! You won’t believe me?

Okay, okay—- here’s proof!

My BICs!

Ha! Now you believe me. 😉

These are my every day BIC® pens, but if I were to pick a pen for every use, I would go for a multi colored pen.

You know, the 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen. 😉

These pens are life savers to me. I tend to buy a lot of pens, but I lose them along the way every time I switch purse, backpack, tote bag and other containers. Also, it gets tough to take notes and write flash cards and summaries when you have to look for pens everywhere!

I love BIC 4-Color pens because they’re so practical and I can just focus on my notes and writing, without having to worry about looking for pens I lost.

Also… LOL! You should look at the videomercials BIC® made for their multi colored pen. Promise not to fall off your chair, though. Heheh. 😛 Here they go:

Yes, I know. XD Hope you didn’t pee in your pants from too much laughing. Don’t they remind you of Teletubbies? LOL. Too cute.

BIC® gave each color a personality and a meaning, so the scene put me in a really good mood. 🙂

If Black is a nice person, then I’m more like Black (with a hint of Blue and Red)— I look plain and ordinary on the outside, but people who have known me for a while say I’m an extremely interesting person with a lot of talents.

Aww. :3

So, these colorful guys are on Facebook and Twitter if you’re interested. LOL BIC® made them into character accounts and they’re so fun to follow. XD Hehe. The updates are fun and they have inspired me some character stories for later. You’ll see. 😉

Next time I’ll hit Amazon or Staples and buy three or four more colored pens. :3 They’re so inexpensive! A packet of 3 costs less than $6. It’s a steal!

I’m always busy with my freelance work and my studies, I take a gazillion of notes and can neve find things (I lose pens all the time!), so… all-in-one solutions are definitely my thing!

Guess what?

I got my first colored pen in 1st grade (22 years ago, WOW!).

And you? 🙂

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Luana Spinetti

(C.S. Tor Vergata) Exam Sessions – September 2012

Updates · July 16, 2012, Monday

Diario degli esami della sessione autunnale a.a. 2011/2012

Materia Docente Scritto Orale
Data Ora Aula Data Ora Aula
Primo anno
Reti logiche e architetture dei calcolatori Guala’/Nardelli 26/09/12 10.00 T5 28/09/12 10.00 29A
Fondamenti di informatica Giammarresi 25/09/12 9.30 T5 27/09/12 9.30 29A
Fisica Camarri 28/09/12 14.00 T5
Geometria ed algebra Letizia 19/09/12 14.00 T5 21/09/12 14.00 29A
Programmazione dei calcolatori Talamo 13/09/12 14.00 T5 17/09/12 14:00 29A
Secondo anno
Calcolo delle probabilita’ e statistica Macci 04/09/12 10.00 T5 07/09/12 10.00 29A
Algoritmi e strutture dati con lab. Guala’ 25/09/12 11.00 3A 28/09/12 11.00 7
Terzo anno
Intelligenza artificiale De Luca 17/09/12 15.00 3A

Luana Spinetti

Orario I semestre a.a. 2010/2011

Updates · September 18, 2010, Saturday

(dal 11/10/2010 al 21/1/2010)

Primo/Secondo anno

Lunedi Martedi Mercoledi Giovedi Venerdi
9:00 PR (G2C) RLAC (G2C) LP (3A) SOR (3A) RLAC (G2C)
10:00 PR (G2C) RLAC (G2C) LP (3A) SOR (3A) RLAC (G2C)
11:00 RO (3A) SOR (3A) BD (3A) RO (3A) BD (3A)
12:00 RO (3A) SOR (3A) BD (3A) RO (3A) BD (3A)
14:00 PR (Aula 14) ASDL (Aula 14) GED (Aula 1200) ASDL (Aula 14)
15:00 PR (Aula 14) ASDL (Aula 14) GED (Aula 1200) ASDL (Aula 14)
17:00 GAL (15) GAL (15)/EVG (16) GAL (15)
18:00 GAL (15) GAL (15)/EVG (16) GAL (15)

ASDL: Algoritmi e Strutture Dati con Laboratorio – Primo modulo, 6 cfu
BD: Basi di Dati – Primo modulo 6 cfu
LP: Linguaggi e Metodologie di Programmazione – Primo modulo, 6 cfu – (Bianchi)
RO: Ricerca Operativa – 6 cfu – (Bertaccini)
SOR: Sistemi Operativi e Reti – Primo modulo, 6 cfu
PR: Programmazione dei Calcolatori con Laboratorio – Primo modulo, 6 cfu – (Gaibisso)
RLAC: Reti Logiche ed Architetura dei Calcolatori – Primo modulo, 6 cfu
GAL: Geometria Algebrica (MD)
GED: Geometria Differenziale (MD)
EVG: Teoria di Galois (MD)

Luana Spinetti