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January 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up – Projects & Freelance Work

Updates · February 11, 2018, Sunday · 0 comment

Welcome to my January 2018 monthly wrap-up! 🙂

It’s been a while since I last posted one of these updates. There was an hacking attack in August 2017 that had my site disappear for a few months, because I didn’t have the time and energy to clean it up.

But as you can see, is back online for the new year – and with HTTPS/SSL installed to avoid security issues and major annoyances.

Monthly Wrap-Up


I haven’t been working on any personal projects these past few months, if not very sparingly whenever I had a few minutes to devote to ‘leisure’ activities.

I’ve just had no energy due to health issues, both physical and mental. However, things have been improving since November and psychotherapy has been a great aid. I’ve been seeing doctors, too.

Recently I got back to this blog (I still have a bit of auditing to do) and other blogs I run, both character blogs and niche blogs.

The only big personal project I’ve been working on is inducing lactation for my spiritual children, a topic and an experience I’m going to cover more thoroughly on my Spiritually, Mama Luana blog.

Freelance Work

My health issues definitely didn’t help me stick to deadlines, but I’m thankful to God for sending wonderful clients my way, who understand and happily extend my due dates even two or three times when life gets impossible to deal with.

The articles I published over the last few months on CoSpot and Monitor Backlinks:

Can I say I wrote most of those articles for myself, too?

Audit and keyword research tools are my daily bread for blog and content management, so I won’t lie: I belong to the target audience of those post I wrote. 😀 (LOL)

The articles I mentioned in my February-May 2017 monthly wrap-up where published over the last few months:

The piece for Relevance was a tricky one to work on: I got plenty of experts to reply to my media query for it (68) so it turned out a very time-consuming article to write, having to go through all that to pick the best pieces of expert insight and advice.

But hey – I did it! 😀

I really care about the topic of this article, because SEO is too often seen as the solution to many a problem, when it’s under underlying marketing strategy that counts, and a careful assessment of a business’ needs.

So all the effort wasn’t wasted.

I truly hope Relevance readers will find it helpful to make an informed decision.

The other articles were fun to write. My WHSR piece on blogging mistakes turned out funny with all the humorous comic strips I added to it (LOL) and the posts for CoSpot were interesting to write and all topics that I needed to research for my own blogs, too.

The SumoMe review… well, I use that plugin. Loving it. 😀

What have you been working on in January?

Luana Spinetti Is On an Open Hiatus

Updates · July 12, 2016, Tuesday · 0 comment

I’m planning changes for my blog — namely, I will be moving all the strictly personal posts elsewhere and the new blog will include:

That’s it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Luana Spinetti

Blogging Characters On The Go!

Characters, Updates · October 1, 2014, Wednesday · 6 comments

This post comprises of two old posts from Eternity Creative, a website that is no more that I ran from 2009 to 2011. Character blog URLs updated as of February 2018.


Character Blogging

Since it’s a time of creativity burst for yours truly, I thought it was better to list the last sweethearts who have a new online presence rather than starting with a Character Spotlight.

This listing contains 6 characters and a short profile of each of them.

** Thanks to all of the wonderful people who hosted my Characters in the past! Love you girls and guys! :love:

Alysha @
Alysha is a special 15 years old robot shapeshifter girl from Electronia. 🙂 She lives at the Delea City Orphanage, but she is special because Jack Par and Luana (myself LOL ) adopted her and a few other orphans from the same institution on October 27th, 2010. Alysha is a sweetheart, she loves cats and pink kawaii stuff, reading novels and watching TV. She can get quite sensitive at times, and she often cries out of loneliness; but when she feels better, she’ll work hard to make you feel better. See why she’s a sweetheart?

Aquagear @
A little Explorabot who’s an orphan living at the Delea City Orphanage, on Electronia. He was 10 years old in 2010, when Jack Par and Luana adopted him. He used to live at the institute because he lost his parents during a terrorist attack. He’s a good boy, a bit of a joker at times, but very sensitive and considerate of others and their feelings. He’s also a loyal friend to both offline and online buddies.

Phelian @
A much recent character, who fully belongs to the Berter family. Phelian is the only daughter of Redder Max, adopted son of Advancer One Berter, the legendary leader of the Explorabots. Phelian is 8 years old, and a smart little girl. Her lively personality allows her to make many friends anywhere she goes, but sometimes that cannot hide the great pain she carries in her heart, as she had a chance to meet her father before her 8th year of life. She grew up with a ‘father-complex’, so now that her dad is back in her life, she feels very much attached to him, and strongly jealous if anyone approaches her father too closely.

Ranth @
Ranth is a special kid in the Berter family, because… he’s a Selsenian! :D Luana and Jack Par found him on Electronia, at a refugee center; he was abandoned by his corrupted clan when he was only 1 year old and had lived at the center all his life. Ranth was 8 years old in 2009, and he integrated well with his new adoptive family. He’s sweet, caring, protective of his siblings and parents, and very loyal to all of his friends. A true little Selsenian. ;) Now his parents found a way for him not to turn to stone during the day, so he can better enjoy his family life.

Kylia @
Kylia was a little Explorabot orphan who was adopted by the Berter family in 2010. She used to live at the Delea City Orphanage, on Electronia, together with Alysha, Spindle and Oran Slate. She was 13 years old in 2010, when she started blogging. Kylia suffers from a metabolic illness that doesn’t let allow her to process Nuhonio, the primary food on Electronia, so she’s always been disadvantaged in the choice of food. Kylia is sweet, sensitive, considerate and introverse. She also has a crush on Ironbreaker but in 2011 she hasn’t told him yet.

Talla @
Now, it’s time to introduce a new Rolamaton, The Robocity character. :) Talla was 14 years old in 2010, a bit loud girl but very sweet nonetheless. She came to live in Rolamaton because her creators decided to stop all their All Life projects and abandon AI experiments undefinitely, so they sent her to the Robocity to let her build a new life for herself rather than abandoning her. Though she was hurt by this, she understood that they were still caring about her, and was grateful for their last decision. Talla took a while to integrate herself well in her new environment, but her cheerful character soon caught many Robocitans’ hearts, to the extent that they voted her to Leadership election in 2014. Talla is the first robot woman to become a Leader in Rolamaton.

Luana Spinetti

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